Oil Spill Response

We respond. CTI Response can be your oil spill response team. We know oil containment is the name of the game in the first hours of any oil spill, and we have the equipment, tools, manpower, and know-how to minimize environmental impact, exposure, and cost when an oil spill occurs.

We have the know-how. From a few gallons to thousands, we can respond to all sizes of oil spill and all kinds. We are familiar with cleanup methods for common combustibles to unique fuel additives and various hazardous liquids.

We've got boom. CTI is equipped to respond to on-water oil spills and leaks, utilizing our own on-water oil spill containment equipment.

We have experience. We were part of the team that responded to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. We have the experience to reduce exposure and contain an oil spill as quickly as possible when a disaster happens.

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